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Why is it very important to do sports in childhood and young adulthood?

It is seen that the risk of obesity, diabetes (diabetes), heart diseases, metabolic syndrome and easy injury is increased in children and young adults as a result of decreased physical activity or not doing sports. For this reason, efforts to increase physical activity and sports activities in children should be supported by many organizations. Today, city life increasingly restricts children’s physical activities and makes it difficult for them to do sports. Many national and international organizations carry out studies that direct children to sports activities in order to reduce their exposure to the risk of obesity.

Which sports activities and types of exercise are recommended for children and young adults, is time important in sports activities?

There are some recommendations by the World Health Organization and other organizations for sports activities in children: 1. Daily physical activity or sports activities should be at least 60 minutes with moderate or higher intensity. 2. More than 60 minutes of sports or physical activity is required for better health markers to emerge. 3. In order to maintain muscle and bone health, the exercises should consist of aerobic exercises at least 3 times a week.

Is a health check necessary before and during sports and exercise activities?

It is very important to make health checks before sports and exercise activities. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform some tests in choosing which sports activity or exercises would be more appropriate. With the cooperation to be made between the school, sports institutions and health institutions, the most suitable program can be prepared for the child or adult individual. Since some diseases remain silent and do not show clinical signs, it causes the seemingly unsuccessful sports activity to be done. For this reason, the presence of heart diseases and lung diseases, especially in children, poses a great risk during sports activity and exercise. It is known that this risk is greater especially in competitive exercise activities and sports activities.

What are the recommendations for sports activities in children and young adults?

Today, increasing excess weight and obesity cause general health problems and also pose a risk in terms of cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, especially children and adults should be directed to regular sports activities. However, in cases where sports activities are not done consciously, there are consequences as dangerous as not doing sports. For this reason, in order for regular sports activities to be beneficial for health, daily sports activities should be carried out within the framework of a certain program and gradually increased. Another more important issue is that regular health checks should be made both before the sports activities and during the periods when these activities are gradually increased. Cardiology examination for heart diseases and EKG for examinations, Stress Stress Test and Echocardiography can be counted among health checks. After the examinations, it may be necessary to screen for lung diseases and orthopedic diseases. FAILURE TO PROVIDE PERFORMANCE IN SPORTS ACTIVITIES OR ATTEMPT TO STOP SPORTS ACTIVITY CAN BE A HEALTH PROBLEM INDICATOR.

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